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Muchas horas de estudio no equivale a buenos resultados

España se caracteriza por ser un país en el que los estudiantes usan mucho de su tiempo a los estudios en casa. En concreto, somos el cuarto país, situándose por delante Italia, Irlanda y Polonia. Estos resultados no significan que se vayan a conseguir mejores resultados académicos.

¿Qué necesitas saber para ir a trabajar a Alemania?

¿Te has planteado alguna vez ir a trabajar al extranjero? ¿Y concretamente a Alemania?

Si quieres que tus títulos y tus reconocimientos profesionales tengan validez en Alemania, tienes que tener en cuenta una serie de pasos:

En primer lugar, antes de emprender el viaje, hay que tener en cuenta si la titulación es reconocida en Alemania, y si necesita una previa homologación oficial.

distance training


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3Increase your chances in the labor market through our internship.

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VANDER FORMACIÓN - Distance Learning Center


Vander Formación is a distance learning center that trains students in Europe, north of Africa and Latin-America. Right now we are a benchmark company in education market.

Our training company was created to offer personalized distance learning courses and satisfy the needs of workers, unemployed and business environment. Distance training that we propose helps our students to improve their expectations of the labour market thanks to the educational requirements that we have.

The numbersspeak for themselves: every year more than 8.000 students choose us, we offer 1.800 distance learning courses, 70 e-learning courses and 80 master´s degree (some of them are accredited by Spanish universities).

Training mode is adjusted with flexibility to the students and allows them to combine distance learning with other activities. Personalized and specialized tutoring and our virtual campus are other advantages offered by our training plan.

Our academy has more than 1.800 references in terms of training distance. At the end of the course, our commitment doesn´t finish with the delivery of the diploma. We also offers work-experience contracts and job opportunities. With us, you will be part of an ambitious training and professional project and you will also discover future expectations.

Corporate Philosophy

MISION: Our distance learning provide to our customers skills, aptitude, abilities and knowledge to improve the expertise as a professional. Our distance training system helps us to form and advice students, professionals and unemployed in the new knowledge society through recurrent training as a business strategy to increase competitiveness.

VISION: Our goal is to develop a solid position as a leading company in training of different business scopes. For that purpose we offer additional services and a wide range of distance learning courses adapted to student´s real needs. The distance learning we offerencourages the enthusiasm and commitment of all the parts of the company.

VALUES: We commit ourselves to offer trust, innovation, empathy, responsibility and insquisitivenessin recurrent training. We believe in a flexible and customized based on new teaching methods and information and communication technologies (ICT) to promote an adequate strategy of growth and differentiation of our service.

Vander´s educational work is to provide flexibility to our students in all their educational process steps both in face-to-face courses as in e-learning training.


  • To satisfy the needs of our pupils thanks to the distance learning, the improvement of their knowledge and skills with a very good quality-price.
  • To motivate the companies to trust in the permanent learning and identify the staff with the organization’s objectives they belong to.
  • To provide efficiency and effectiveness in a harmonious working environment to reach the company´s aims. It´s essential to teach and train the staff into innovation due to the growth of technological environment and knowledge society.
  • To increase the collaboration nationally as internationally and work-experience contract to improve the competitiveness in different fields.

ISO 9001

Offer course tanatoestetica

Course on offer

Course distance Tanatoestética

Price: 1465,00 € IVA included | Duration: 200 Hours.

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Courses Professional Tattoo

Price: 795,00 € IVA included | Duration: 200 Hours.

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Course Technical in exotic massage practices

Price: 1020,00 € IVA included | Duration: 700 Hours.

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